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Video game Market in Japan June 7, 2010

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After visiting D3 Publisher and Q entertainment, I think I get a little idea of which direction the market for video game in Japan will be moving on to.

Both companies have similarity in that the video game they recently and currently developed have a focus market group, like the Otaku (which then divide to Male and Female group) for D3 Publisher and for Q Entertainment it’s the group that been following their game using the design that would be recognizable by their fan.
I think this is a good idea for the current market situation where there are lots of video game developer out there, making the game that would appeal to general audience probably make your game bland and not recognizable in the swarm of video game where the big title from the big developer will be the first one that people caught attention on.
By going small and the focus on one group you can built up your loyal base and then keep expanding the territory later when you think you can compete with the big company.


Japanese gaming behavior

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In Japan it is not uncommon to see group of people sitting together and playing their portable game device, especially on the second floor of fast food restaurant like McDonald’s (which not provide only only seat  and drink but also free air condition and wifi!)
I might mention before about the different between gamer in the US and Japan but this behavior and the different between culture also affect the development that we can see in video game in both countries.
Since it is so easy to find a group of people to play with around you in Japan, The game developed by them also seem to include the Local Multiplayer and they do not have to worry to much about the Wifi or Internet play, which in turn make their sale suffer in country like US where gamer don’t step outside of their room. The good example for these would be Monster Hunter the game that is highly popular in Japan but not doing very well in the US (well it wasn’t until PS3 bring out the ad-hoc party in US and people can start playing multiplayer inside their room). Even highly popular series game  like Dragon Quest IX also fall into this category only have the local multiplayer and not Wifi.

From your US gamer perspective do you think you would be able to regularly find a group to play video game while you’re outside like in Japan?


The manner in Japan

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As we travel in Japan we could see the manner of Japanese people, for example on the escalator if you are going to stand you have to leave one side for people who are going to walk up.
Another example would be on the train, people would only talk quietly or not talking at all, you could even see the sign that warn you to lower the volume of your music.
Even their elementary school children who are on the field trip are more organize than our study aboard group!
They are always walk in two line and like Dr.C said they could arrange their position for the group photo more neatly and quickly than us!

It really amaze me at how they teach everyone in this country to be so organize and respect the manner of people, something my country (Thailand) had been struggling a lot (especially with the recent situation). They are so good that sometime I wonder if the people we saw on the street are actually human and not a robot or something!


The Beef Bowl : gyudon 牛丼

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Let’s talk about food!  gyudon is one of the most common food we can find in Japan.

Just like the name, the dish is primarily made from Beef on top of the rice, together with onions or noodle (call shirataki)

and sometime will be serve with raw egg (I tried this once and it actually good!).

There are many chain restaurant that made gyudon in Japan and what’s more is that most of them open 24 hour,
Nakau the one that was across the street from our hotel was one of them and although consider to be one of the smaller chain Nakau has more than 80 stores in Tokyo alone! You can see how numerous and popular this dish is in Japan.

I think the reason why gyudon is this popular is that, First it is delicious no doubt about this point.

Secondly the dish was made from beef and it’s cheap, I don’t think there are many type of food that will allow you to eat a whole bowl of meat for under 600 Yen, It probably the only beef dish that common people in Japan could go out and eat everyday.  Since all the others dish are luxury or super expensive like the Korean BBQ, Shabushabu, Steak and such.
Also it’s fast serving made it popular lunch menu for all the businessman too! You could say that gyudon is a hamburger equivalance of Japan.


PASMO/SUICA Card June 6, 2010

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Ah… Our beloved PASMO and SUICA card, we used them everyday to travel around the subway in Tokyo.

These card are a rechargeable card which you can buy from any subway station in Tokyo for 500 yen, They use RFID technology and do not require to be touch with the card reader (you can simply touch your wallet with the card inside and it will still read the card) both PASMO and SUICA are interchangeable and they work in others place not just in the subway, a lots of convenient store and restaurant accept them, other transportation like buses also accept them. even the vending machine accept them. So you could basically use them as a mini debit card that you can recharge money into and it wouldn’t cost you much even if you lost it.

In my opinion it’s very cool idea to have these “one card pass all” card. When I used it I don’t have the trouble of getting coins for a change of my purchase ( which is a pain since in Japan coin actually worth something) I don’t even have to open my wallet and from the JR company lecture we learn that they will make these card even more convenient to use by putting it into cellphone, combine with others technology we saw it could be said that in the future you only need a cellphone to do everything you want!


Vending Machine!

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I love how in Japan you can find Vending Machines  in almost every corner usually a row up of 2-3 machines.
of course the most common type are the machine the sell drink but there are also others type of vending machine you can see there,
like the one that sell cigarette or instant noodle or snacks or mini  microwave food or even Ice cream!
some of the drinking one also have an option to put sugar and cream into your hot coffee if you order one.

if you think that isn’t convenient enough, you can also pay these machine (well only in Tokyo) with pasmo/suica card the same one you use to travel around!

I think the abundant numbers and types of vending machine in Japan only serve as an evident of Japanese culture and how they’re always mobile, and moving. As buying from these machine are faster than going into the convenient store (which is already fast in Japan!).
They are also work 24 hour and do not need human to operate them which probably reduce the cost for the product seller too!


Crane game

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I already mentioned that Crane game have their own floor on the first floor which is the easiest one to access in the Arcade center in Japan.
But I also want to talk about this in detail.

The Crane game in Japan are really big, they while dolls are common to be a prize for the game, they also a lots of others kind of things you can capture with crane in Japan like a figure, key chain, watch, ipod and even others expensive stuff!

The problem is do you have enough skill to get them? lots of those prize shape are too awkward and look impossible to be able to pick up by the crane hands, some of the machines fix this by putting a paper with hole on the edge of the items for you to pick up, but the paper are not the best place to grip your metal handle on and get loose from the crane hands easily.

I think they intentionally did that to get more money from people playing the game! Actually I think they set it up so that it is almost impossible for you to win! That’s why it’s so popular that every arcade store ever putting lots of them for people to play!
so they can get easy money without losing the prize!

PS. Actually I almost won one but the doll tag was stuck on the crane and won’t drop down!