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Technology Review June 9, 2010

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Monster Hunter is the name of a video game franchise that is very highly popular in Japan, developed and publish by Capcom.
Accroding to the Vgchartz, the lastest hand-held version of the game on PSP had sold over 850,000 copies on the first week in  and since then had been selling over 2 millions copies counting on in Japan.

This game is setting in a unique fantasy world where the world was not only inhabit by human but also others creature especially the Dinosaur-like giant lizard creature. In every game, you took a role of a “Hunter”, the person who make a living by hunting such a creature and protecting your village from the request of your local leader or a hunting guild, Hench the name “Monster Hunter”.

The charm of this game is in the game play and core mechanic, since this game is a real time action game, so unlike in Rpg game during the combat you will have to control and maneuver through monster attack by yourself, and when each monster have a different attack patterns and characteristic attack that sometime can be complicate to dodge, the player will have to stay focus and learn the habit of each monster just like in the real wildgame hunt.

The same also apply to attacking, since there is no such thing as “lock on” system in this game, Hunter will have to learn the range of his weapon and aim precisely to where he want to attack, using certain type of weapon on certain parts of monster could also give you a different effect, for example if you use a blade and cutting type weapon on the tail of the monster multiply times, after making a certain amount of damage you will finally cut the tail of that monster off, Ultimately making the monster attack that involve using tail become much more less dangerous when it trying to swing its now stump tail around.
Each time you defeat the creature you will be able to carve it corpse to get the material that will help you in your future hunt, ranging from a simple meat that you could grill and eat it to increase your stamina, to a scale and shell which could be made into a weapon and armor that will provide you a better protection.

Also since there is no “level” in this game, you get much more feeling of achievement when you can easily beat your old nemesis without hurting yourself too much, you could feel the sanctification of see how much your playing ability have really improve during the course of the game and not just a cosmetic abilty like higher status points or stronger spell since such a things doesn’t exist in this game

Another point that make monster hunter appealing is the co-operation between player in multiplayer mode, in this mode monsters become much more stronger than when you’re playing solo while the player have the same amount of penalty of how many time he can “faint” during the fight and also the same amount of time limit so it’s up to the teamwork and cooperation of you and your friends to help each other and beat up on the monster together. It is also important to communicate with each others since even with a full party of 4 people some of the hunt is still dangerous and the monster could easily turn the table around by knocking out several party member at the same time.

All in all, monster hunter is a very interesting and enjoyable game and it is not surprising to see how it’s all the craze in Japanese teenager at the moment, since Japanese culture are all about being part of the team and not individual which fit into the core mechanism of the multiplayer aspect of monster hunter. So I would like everyone to try this game and enjoy the hunt and cooperation with your friends!


Video game Market in Japan June 7, 2010

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After visiting D3 Publisher and Q entertainment, I think I get a little idea of which direction the market for video game in Japan will be moving on to.

Both companies have similarity in that the video game they recently and currently developed have a focus market group, like the Otaku (which then divide to Male and Female group) for D3 Publisher and for Q Entertainment it’s the group that been following their game using the design that would be recognizable by their fan.
I think this is a good idea for the current market situation where there are lots of video game developer out there, making the game that would appeal to general audience probably make your game bland and not recognizable in the swarm of video game where the big title from the big developer will be the first one that people caught attention on.
By going small and the focus on one group you can built up your loyal base and then keep expanding the territory later when you think you can compete with the big company.


Japanese gaming behavior

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In Japan it is not uncommon to see group of people sitting together and playing their portable game device, especially on the second floor of fast food restaurant like McDonald’s (which not provide only only seat  and drink but also free air condition and wifi!)
I might mention before about the different between gamer in the US and Japan but this behavior and the different between culture also affect the development that we can see in video game in both countries.
Since it is so easy to find a group of people to play with around you in Japan, The game developed by them also seem to include the Local Multiplayer and they do not have to worry to much about the Wifi or Internet play, which in turn make their sale suffer in country like US where gamer don’t step outside of their room. The good example for these would be Monster Hunter the game that is highly popular in Japan but not doing very well in the US (well it wasn’t until PS3 bring out the ad-hoc party in US and people can start playing multiplayer inside their room). Even highly popular series game  like Dragon Quest IX also fall into this category only have the local multiplayer and not Wifi.

From your US gamer perspective do you think you would be able to regularly find a group to play video game while you’re outside like in Japan?


Crane game June 6, 2010

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I already mentioned that Crane game have their own floor on the first floor which is the easiest one to access in the Arcade center in Japan.
But I also want to talk about this in detail.

The Crane game in Japan are really big, they while dolls are common to be a prize for the game, they also a lots of others kind of things you can capture with crane in Japan like a figure, key chain, watch, ipod and even others expensive stuff!

The problem is do you have enough skill to get them? lots of those prize shape are too awkward and look impossible to be able to pick up by the crane hands, some of the machines fix this by putting a paper with hole on the edge of the items for you to pick up, but the paper are not the best place to grip your metal handle on and get loose from the crane hands easily.

I think they intentionally did that to get more money from people playing the game! Actually I think they set it up so that it is almost impossible for you to win! That’s why it’s so popular that every arcade store ever putting lots of them for people to play!
so they can get easy money without losing the prize!

PS. Actually I almost won one but the doll tag was stuck on the crane and won’t drop down!



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While the Arcard game are starting to disappear in the US, It is still going strong in Japan with new game only develop for arcade machine coming out every now and then! Some of them have gimmick like an IC Card which will keep recording your data every time you play.

Most arcard and game center I had seen over there are on multiple floor building and somehow most of them putting a game with prize like crane caughter game on the first floor while all the others old and new video game arcade machine locate on another floor.
The most popular machine in the arcade seem to be the fighting type game, It’s so popular that the seats on those machines are never empty so I never get a chance to try to play against Japanese player.

Seeing Japanese people playing in arcade also make me think that the reason why Arcade game is still on going in Japan but not in the US is the different between US and JP gamer, in Japan arcade seem to be count as one of the acceptable social event, you can see group of friends gather around and cheering for their friend who currently playing. Another factor might be that Japanese people like to play in co-op competitive games, as you can see that some machine support 4 players vs 4 players games, while US gamers tend to play for himself even in co-op game comparing their kill mark or points to others people on their own team.

One thing I have to complain about their arcade is that they allow people to smoke inside, so if you don’t want to caught a second hand smoke cancer, you should avoid going into crowed Japanese arcade.