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Otaku Culture June 8, 2010

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Otaku culture is one of the culture in Japan that is large enough to create a market for themselves. The word Otaku could be use to describe a Mania or someone who is having an obsession with something in particular. But it is more common to be use to referring the group that love Anime,Comic and Video game as a whole

What make this sub-culture interesting to the producer is the power to buy of the Otaku group is very high, they would buy things like a limited edition of the game or a whole set of figure and toy of the character they like just to be “hardcore” and show their love to the series.  So even if your series of Anime finish or Your video game already release,  you could still make the money off the related product since Otaku will still buy them. Even 10 Years old Anime like Evangelion is still alive and making money to the company (to the point that they’re remaking the series) because their product still sell off due to the Otaku sub-culture

They are also creating a new market for Japan by forcing back the things these Otaku love (usually something “cute” like a cat ears, or girls wearing certain type of clothes) back into the real world, the example we can see are the maid cafe.

Although the Otaku culture aren’t as strong in the US as in Japan, but they are gaining more popularity due to to import of Japan culture and the exchange culture on the internet.
So I think it is also a good idea to consider these type of customer if you’re going to do the business, since these guys would be the most loyal customer to the thing they like.


Japanese student and the train ride

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Subway train is the main way to get from one place to another in Japan, and they also have an impressive system that support it too.
But after talking to the students from Waseda University in Japan, I also learn the surprising facts that most of them lives at their house while taking  1.5-2 hours train ride a trip everyday from their home to the campus!

Although the train are convenient since you could easily travel to shopping place or  cool hangout place this blessing technology could also become a curse when you and everyone is so rely on it!

I could not believe they would waste 3-4 hour of their lives everyday on the train! Not to mention the rush hour in the morning where there are lots trying to get on 1 crowed train, which is not something I would want to experience everyday!
Also you have to be on time for the train or you might risk being lost for your class or meeting.
I don’t think I could cope up with all that stress everyday, but these Japanese student taking it like a normal routine.
This really show how you would define thing as “normal” differently depend on the culture you were raise!


Shabu Shabu

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Shabu Shabu is one of Japanese type of hotpot food, it is also a famous food for tourism.

When you go to Shabu Shabu restaurant, you’ll have a pot of boiling water on your table and then the server will give plates of

vegetables, meat and pork. You can put the vegetable into the pot when the water is hot enough, but for the meat you have to pick it up with your chopstick, put it into the pot and swing it around a little bit for a few second before you pull it from the hotpot and eat it together with 2 types of sauce that was on the table.

I think it is one of the Japanese culture that the most delicious meat is the one that was consume in the most simplest way of cooking, For example other than the Shabu Shabu where you just put the meat in boiling water. Popular traditional Japanese dishes like Sushi or Sashimi also made from Raw Fishes that didn’t pass many process of cooking before it was serve to the customer.
It is also interesting that Japanese food are consider to be more healthy than other countries food, does that have anything to do with their simple way of cooking and eating?


Nico Nico Douga June 7, 2010

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I’m actually quite surprised that many people never heard of this video website before when the D3 Publisher show us this website,

Nico Nico Douga, is the video website similar to youtube that have a really large user base in Japan. (Facebook and Youtube.. They seem to have Japanese version for everything)

The special feature for this website including Uploader Comment, where the video uploader could choose to put the user comment up on the video. Of course the view could also disable it if they want to see the actual video and not a swarm of floating text.

The interesting point is that the “culture” or “atmosphere” of this website is very close to the Japanese web forum culture base on Anime, Video game and Otaku stuff and there are many video of these field in the website as well.

They even make their own theme song by remixing a lots of popular otaku culture song together and make a video game call Nico Nico Douga Rpg which I think is really impressive at how a lots of people group together on a website and still they manage to express their interest and create thing like thos .

Although it is a bit hard to navigate if you don’t know any Japanese, it is still a very cool website to check out and there are many English speaking user lurking around so you should give it a try!


Oh Japan!

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One thing that you could see in Japan and not in other country?

18+ content items sitting on the shelve in the normal store like it’s a normal item, In place like Akihabara they also have advertisement of Adult video game on the street.

There is this one big store where we visited that had a lots of comic and game and other toys lining up, then there is a section for adult content item but they don’t separate it from other section!

I know that Japan is pretty open to thing like this and they are big on censoring but it seem like they did not even hide these thing from kids since you can see it pretty much everywhere if you just pay attention to your surrounding.
And if you haven’t notice even the Television in our hotel have porn channel, although you have to paid to access it, you can still watch their “preview” for free about a minute so anyone even a 5 years old kid might accidentally hit the button and see it.  Japan is pretty convenient in accessibility to everything but maybe they should reconsider some  of them…


The manner in Japan

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As we travel in Japan we could see the manner of Japanese people, for example on the escalator if you are going to stand you have to leave one side for people who are going to walk up.
Another example would be on the train, people would only talk quietly or not talking at all, you could even see the sign that warn you to lower the volume of your music.
Even their elementary school children who are on the field trip are more organize than our study aboard group!
They are always walk in two line and like Dr.C said they could arrange their position for the group photo more neatly and quickly than us!

It really amaze me at how they teach everyone in this country to be so organize and respect the manner of people, something my country (Thailand) had been struggling a lot (especially with the recent situation). They are so good that sometime I wonder if the people we saw on the street are actually human and not a robot or something!


The Beef Bowl : gyudon 牛丼

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Let’s talk about food!  gyudon is one of the most common food we can find in Japan.

Just like the name, the dish is primarily made from Beef on top of the rice, together with onions or noodle (call shirataki)

and sometime will be serve with raw egg (I tried this once and it actually good!).

There are many chain restaurant that made gyudon in Japan and what’s more is that most of them open 24 hour,
Nakau the one that was across the street from our hotel was one of them and although consider to be one of the smaller chain Nakau has more than 80 stores in Tokyo alone! You can see how numerous and popular this dish is in Japan.

I think the reason why gyudon is this popular is that, First it is delicious no doubt about this point.

Secondly the dish was made from beef and it’s cheap, I don’t think there are many type of food that will allow you to eat a whole bowl of meat for under 600 Yen, It probably the only beef dish that common people in Japan could go out and eat everyday.  Since all the others dish are luxury or super expensive like the Korean BBQ, Shabushabu, Steak and such.
Also it’s fast serving made it popular lunch menu for all the businessman too! You could say that gyudon is a hamburger equivalance of Japan.