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Nico Nico Douga June 7, 2010

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I’m actually quite surprised that many people never heard of this video website before when the D3 Publisher show us this website,

Nico Nico Douga, is the video website similar to youtube that have a really large user base in Japan. (Facebook and Youtube.. They seem to have Japanese version for everything)

The special feature for this website including Uploader Comment, where the video uploader could choose to put the user comment up on the video. Of course the view could also disable it if they want to see the actual video and not a swarm of floating text.

The interesting point is that the “culture” or “atmosphere” of this website is very close to the Japanese web forum culture base on Anime, Video game and Otaku stuff and there are many video of these field in the website as well.

They even make their own theme song by remixing a lots of popular otaku culture song together and make a video game call Nico Nico Douga Rpg which I think is really impressive at how a lots of people group together on a website and still they manage to express their interest and create thing like thos .

Although it is a bit hard to navigate if you don’t know any Japanese, it is still a very cool website to check out and there are many English speaking user lurking around so you should give it a try!


Japanese TV Show! June 6, 2010

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While in Japan,  I had a chance to check out some of their television show and the different between the show we have here, especially their game show!

First things I notice is that Japanese show are a lots more “animate”, with text in different fonts and colors popping up all the time usually with sound effect, there are many different situation of this¬† sometime its just repeat what the people on the show said or something its just describe what happen or sometime it just a sarcastic comment from the announcer. I think these animate texts make the show much more fun and exciting, because it keep pumping your attention every time it come up on the screen. And it could also make the event become more hilarious too.

Secondly, For some program they would host a guest (In this case the one I watch was Drama movie) and let them watch the show at the same time as the audience, they will have a small section of screen zoom up and show the current face of the guest, whether he is laughing or making a face palm at the situation on the show. I guess this make the audience feel like they’re not alone watching the movie since you could see the guest reaction just like when you watch movie with friends.