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Japanese student and the train ride June 8, 2010

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Subway train is the main way to get from one place to another in Japan, and they also have an impressive system that support it too.
But after talking to the students from Waseda University in Japan, I also learn the surprising facts that most of them lives at their house while taking  1.5-2 hours train ride a trip everyday from their home to the campus!

Although the train are convenient since you could easily travel to shopping place or  cool hangout place this blessing technology could also become a curse when you and everyone is so rely on it!

I could not believe they would waste 3-4 hour of their lives everyday on the train! Not to mention the rush hour in the morning where there are lots trying to get on 1 crowed train, which is not something I would want to experience everyday!
Also you have to be on time for the train or you might risk being lost for your class or meeting.
I don’t think I could cope up with all that stress everyday, but these Japanese student taking it like a normal routine.
This really show how you would define thing as “normal” differently depend on the culture you were raise!


3 Responses to “Japanese student and the train ride”

  1. kevinb18 Says:

    That is a long train ride just to go to school. If I had to ride the train for that long I would want to be going somewhere fun not going to school. You could basically get all of your homework done riding the train. I wonder how much money a week they spend on train rides.

  2. Radin Says:

    Not only University student, but also little kids like 5 or 6 years old use subway to get to school.
    Don’t think of it as a “wasted time”. Japanese read books all the time in subway, so the time is not wasted!
    Moreover, the dormitory facilities might not be affordable for everyone, specially in Waseda university…

  3. robcolejpn Says:

    I couldn’t imagine riding the train that long to class everyday. But I do understand that dorms might now be available to the students, whether it’s because they can’t afford it or because there is not room to build the dorms. But if I had to ride the train that long, I would definitely get a lot of work done so it’s not THAT inconvenient….unless you can never find a seat.

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