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Shabu Shabu June 8, 2010

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Shabu Shabu is one of Japanese type of hotpot food, it is also a famous food for tourism.

When you go to Shabu Shabu restaurant, you’ll have a pot of boiling water on your table and then the server will give plates of

vegetables, meat and pork. You can put the vegetable into the pot when the water is hot enough, but for the meat you have to pick it up with your chopstick, put it into the pot and swing it around a little bit for a few second before you pull it from the hotpot and eat it together with 2 types of sauce that was on the table.

I think it is one of the Japanese culture that the most delicious meat is the one that was consume in the most simplest way of cooking, For example other than the Shabu Shabu where you just put the meat in boiling water. Popular traditional Japanese dishes like Sushi or Sashimi also made from Raw Fishes that didn’t pass many process of cooking before it was serve to the customer.
It is also interesting that Japanese food are consider to be more healthy than other countries food, does that have anything to do with their simple way of cooking and eating?


3 Responses to “Shabu Shabu”

  1. MeriInJapan Says:

    I think the food is healthier because it’s more natural. Their foods don’t have all the preservatives and artificial flavorings that a lot of American foods have. Also Americans love to put sugars and fats into our processed foods, which are definitely not good for us!

  2. One of the most interesting things I found out about the Japanese fast food was that it is cooked with vegetable oil which is much healthier than the kind used in most American fast food restaurants. Also raw food is much harder for humans to digest, since the process of heating up foods breaks down the food prior to eating it, allowing for a greater amount of energy to be absorbed, which can mean chunkier people. :P

  3. shastokes Says:

    I could definitely see how the food is healthier in Japan than most countries, especially the US. When going to this restaurant, and hearing that our food was basically boiled, I thought about how my grandmother likes some of her food boiled and it just put that notion in my head and I kinda had a turnoff by it. When I actually tasted the meat, it was ok, but I still did not like that fact that my meat was boiled! It did not seem cooked long enough for me. So this restaurant was not at the top of my lists while in Japan. On the side note, my mother would be proud that I had vegetables for dinner!

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