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DNP and Louvre museum collaboration June 8, 2010

Filed under: Assigment,Techonology — mavichakp1 @ 12:08 pm

During the tour in DNP, we were showed some of their sample work with the France Louvre museum,
and the one that caught my eyes the most is their 3D Model of the actual statue piece.
They achieve the realistic 3D by using 3D scan on the art and it is very detailed model, you can see the place where the color is different or the place that had been broken.
They also shown us how this technology could allow us to zoom in to see the detail surface of the statue or even flip it around and see it from different angle, something we would not be able to do on the actual museum to the actual piece.
The machine near by also allow you to “reconstruct” the statue and customize it as you like using different material, color and accessory

This is one of the thing that I think, show the fantastic way to use our technology for. This will allow more people to be able to access to the beauty of the arts. If they would improve this technology I could imagine how it would be easily distribute to schools and university to help people study the piece due to the digital nature of 3D model, instead of taking months of careful transportation like the old way.


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