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Oh Japan! June 7, 2010

Filed under: Assigment,Culture — mavichakp1 @ 8:55 pm

One thing that you could see in Japan and not in other country?

18+ content items sitting on the shelve in the normal store like it’s a normal item, In place like Akihabara they also have advertisement of Adult video game on the street.

There is this one big store where we visited that had a lots of comic and game and other toys lining up, then there is a section for adult content item but they don’t separate it from other section!

I know that Japan is pretty open to thing like this and they are big on censoring but it seem like they did not even hide these thing from kids since you can see it pretty much everywhere if you just pay attention to your surrounding.
And if you haven’t notice even the Television in our hotel have porn channel, although you have to paid to access it, you can still watch their “preview” for free about a minute so anyone even a 5 years old kid might accidentally hit the button and see it.  Japan is pretty convenient in accessibility to everything but maybe they should reconsider some  of them…


3 Responses to “Oh Japan!”

  1. carlyinjapan Says:

    I was amazed at the difference in mentality as well. While shopping with some people from our group, we went to the manga floor of a book store, and gay romance novels were the largest display in the store, and on top of that, it was right next to the children’s section! Another thing I found strange was the prevalence of gay novels versus lesbian novels. In many shops I visited, I saw primarily gay novels. Is this maybe because Japan is so male dominant?

    • mavichakp1 Says:

      It’s because of the fujoshi (or the girl otaku) subculture, those gay novel are actually mainly target at girls and not at the actual gay man.
      Po-Chin wrote a good blog describe about fujoshi on his block on the topic called “Boy’s Love !?? Heaaaaaaaaaaa~?(腐女)” (sorry somehow I can’t make the link probably due to the chinese on the http address). You should look it up

  2. robcolejpn Says:

    It was shocking to see that they made no real attempt to keep 18+ content for 18+ eyes. In a lot of the stores I went in with this content, it was right out in the open with only one store having the content separated into its own section with a curtain blocking it. Even one of the stores we visited in Denden town had a curtain at the door, but it was still easy to peek in, and the first thing I saw was EXTREMELY graphic. For a culture that is so reserved, this seems like it would be a huge deal but it doesn’t appear that way.

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