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Bento everywhere! May 22, 2010

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When I’m here in Japan I can confirm that Japanese culture is a moving culture, people always seem to be on the move, whether it will be getting on to the next train or a simple dairy shopping. Being this busy, it is not surprising to see all the fast food and sandwich lining up in the convenient store. But there are also another type of food that have been selling well here, having a whole bigger section of them than the former sandwich and bread type of food, the Lunch/Dinner box which was called “Bento” here. You could get Bento basically everywhere, and inside the box is an actual decent meal with Rice, Meat or Fish and Vegetable for sides. You could quickly eat the bento while you’re on the train or waiting for something. I saw this as one of the cultural perspective of Japan, where one would prefer to have a decent nutritious meal over the others even when you do not have much time. So there is no wonder why there are so many delicious food coming from this country cuisine where they devote their time to the food!


AR Techonology: Where the reality and imagination collide

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   While visiting Japan major company like DNP and NTT Docomo, we were introduce with the new technology call AR (Augment Reality) technology. Like the name suggest, AR technology Augment the 3D with our real life object, using a special camera. When you look into the object with the camera the screen will show a 3D graphic of various information that were input to help the customer. One example we see was the furniture, you could easily put the ID card that come with the advertising magazine on the floor of your house to see how the furniture would fit into your room on the camera screen.
     What make me excite about AR is its potential, it is very expandable and there are many ways to use it. Personally I want to see more game using this technology, there were only a few game on PS3 trying to use AR a few years back and they are not very successful, like The Eyes of Judgment , but back then PS3 aren’t as popular as they are right now and it might be more successful if it was release again now.
The other possibility I see is to use this technology with a tabletop game such as Dungeon and Dragon.
which will make the game much more impressive seeing you own character popping up and walking on the field, fighting monster and changing equipment!


3D the future of Vision May 15, 2010

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 On our third day in Japan, we had a chance to be lectured by the company Future Scope and Lucent Picture, The latter which involve in developing and making 3D media such as movie, They also show us the sample of their work which is really impressive and breath taking, Having dimensions can make the scene in a movie much more realistic. They also talk about how the big publisher in Japan are more interest in making a 2D picture like manga and anime into 3D too and we also shown some of the example of the 2D convert into 3D, the example including the film Naruto and the still picture of the famous manga likeDeath note, Berserk and Bleach. The depth of 3D make the fighting scene more realistic, It really look like the villain had been kicked by a strong force! What more surprising is that the process doesn’t even take very long at all! With one specialist they could convert it in 2-3 days! After seeing all this stuff I’m really pump to see the future direction of our home entertainment, these 3D technology combine with the Japanese new 3D projection TV will create a market and the need for 3D converter specialist. In addition 3D technology also make their way into video game market as well, for example the Nintendo 3DS everyone probably heard about, but we were also hinted at the lecture that certain other company also developing their 3D video game!